What are the needs?

Enrollment has increased by 487 students over the past 10 years per the 2008-2018 fall housing report.

Buildings are at or above capacity.

Academic programming is being compromised. Space constraints have led to:

  • Increased class sizes
  • Classes being held in spaces not intended for instruction

What is the plan?

Implement the 2018 Educational Facilities Master Plan (EFMP).

Add or modify spaces at every building.

Build a Kindergarten building adjacent to Sullivan Center to further alleviate overcrowding at the elementary schools.

Create STEM labs at both middle schools.

What is the financial impact?

Two Ballot Questions

$48.7 million dollars in bonds to improve facilities.

A limiting tax rate increase of $.10 to fund operational expenses.

Debt payments will be reduced because existing bonds will be refinanced and retired. Payments will extend over more years.

What if the referenda don’t pass?

Class sizes will continue to increase.

Academic activities may be compromised.

Fine arts and extracurricular programs may be reduced.

Additional trailers and learning spaces may need to be leased. Funds may be diverted from programming to cover these costs.

Space Constraints Videos

Simplified Tax Calculator

The following calculator will inform you of the estimated impact of both referenda passing and the restructuring of existing debt.  Please enter your home’s market value to see the net impact on your 2019 tax bill:

A few words about us

  • 4220 students and enrollment is growing
  • 7 schools
    • 4 Elementary Schools
    • 2 Middle Schools
    • 1 Dual Language School
  • 88th percentile on the 2017 PARCC test
  • 83% of students meeting/exceeding personal growth standards
57 Million $


7 Schools

Filled to capacity

320 Teachers

working for you

4220 Students

+487 in 10 years

There will be two questions on the November 6 ballot.

November 6th, 2018

  • Bonds for buildings
  • Limiting tax rate increase for operating costs